Premibio- How it all began

The company behind Premibio Organic Premichevre Infant Goat Formula is La Mandorle, a French company that has been producing organic plant-based foods and supplements since 1989. La Mandorle was founded by Mr. Raymond Zeitoun, who was inspired by the health benefits of almond milk and began producing organic almond milk products.

In 2008, La Mandorle launched Premibio, its line of organic goat milk formula for infants. The idea for the formula came from Mr. Zeitoun's own experience as a father, when he was searching for a natural and healthy alternative to cow's milk formula for his own daughter. Goat milk was a natural choice, as it is easier to digest than cow's milk and less likely to cause digestive issues and allergies.

La Mandorle sources its organic goat milk from small farms in France that are committed to sustainable and ethical farming practices. The company uses a gentle manufacturing process to ensure that the nutritional value of the milk is preserved, and that the formula is easy to digest for babies.

Since the launch of Premibio, the brand has become a popular choice among parents who are looking for a natural and healthy alternative to cow's milk formula. La Mandorle has continued to expand its range of organic baby foods and supplements, and is committed to producing high-quality, organic products that support the health and wellbeing of infants and young children.

Premibio Premichevre- Agriculture Biologique certified!

AB France is a certification system for organic products in France. The AB (Agriculture Biologique) label is a national certification that is awarded to products that have been produced according to strict organic standards set by the French Ministry of Agriculture.

In order to be AB France certified, a product must meet certain criteria, such as:

  1. Organic farming practices: The product must be made from ingredients that have been produced using organic farming practices, which prohibit the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.
  2. Processing and packaging: The product must be processed and packaged using methods that do not use synthetic additives, preservatives, or GMOs.
  3. Animal welfare: For products that contain animal-derived ingredients, such as milk or meat, the animals must be raised in a humane and ethical manner, with access to outdoor space and natural feed.

AB France certification is a rigorous process that requires regular inspections and audits to ensure that the product continues to meet these strict organic standards.

When a product, such as Premibio goat milk baby formula, is AB France certified, it means that the product has been produced according to these strict organic standards. AB France certification gives parents the assurance that they are giving their baby a formula that has been produced with the utmost care and attention to quality, health, and sustainability.

Premibio Formula Stages- Explained

Premibio offers three stages of organic goat milk baby formula that are designed to meet the changing nutritional needs of babies as they grow:

  1. Premibio Organic Premichevre Infant Goat Formula Stage 1 (0-6 months): This formula is designed to support the digestive and immune systems of newborns. It is made with organic goat milk and contains essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics.
  2. Premibio Organic Premichevre Follow-On Goat Formula Stage 2 (6-12 months): This formula is designed to support the growth and development of infants who are transitioning to solid foods. It contains added iron, calcium, and vitamins, as well as prebiotics to support digestive health.
  3. Premibio Organic Premichevre Growing-Up Goat Formula Stage 3 (12+ months): This formula is designed for toddlers who are transitioning to a more varied diet. It contains a balance of nutrients, such as iron, calcium, and vitamins, to support growth and development, and is formulated to be easy to digest.

All three stages of Premibio goat milk baby formula are organic, and are made with carefully sourced organic goat milk from small farms in France. The formula is gentle on the digestive system, and is free from synthetic additives, preservatives, and GMOs.

Premibio is a safe bet for discerning parents

Premibio baby formulas don't include potentially unsafe ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, GMOs, palm oil, artificial flavors and colors, and synthetic preservatives. By avoiding these ingredients, Premibio aims to provide parents with the assurance that their babies are receiving safe and healthy nutrition that is free from harmful additives.

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