Wool Socks & Birkenstoks

Wool Socks & Birkenstoks

One of the many things that I noticed being a new mom in Germany was how many German moms used Wool inlays in their baby strollers, even in the summer with temperatures over 25 degrees!  Not only do they look very chic and comfy, these lambskin inlays serve 2 very powerful functions in regulating baby's body. (explained below)Lambskin inlays regulate baby's body temperature even in the summer.

Another observation: All new moms especially those who wanted to breastfeed always wore comfy wool socks- even in the summer! Can we say Birkenstoks and wool socks-10 times fast! haha! Dressing warm wearing organic breathable fabrics, and sipping on breastfeeding tea throughout the day. (we will dive into the Breastfeeding tea in another post). Keeping your body's temperature warm and regulated helps it to produce more milk and keep the milk ducts from clogging. it makes sense: heat loosens and expands, and cold constricts and tightens.


Let's dive into the science behind this:

Wool is a unique natural fiber that has the ability to help regulate body temperature, keeping you warm in cold temperatures and cool in hot temperatures. This is because wool fibers have a natural crimp that traps air, creating a layer of insulation to keep you warm.

When it's cold outside, the air trapped in the wool fibers creates a layer of insulation that helps to retain body heat. The crimp in the wool fibers also creates pockets of air that help to trap warm air close to your skin, which helps to keep you warm.

On the other hand, when it's hot outside, the natural wicking properties of wool fibers allow moisture to be absorbed and evaporate, which helps to cool you down. The moisture that is absorbed from your skin is held within the wool fibers and released slowly, keeping you feeling dry and cool.

In addition to its insulating and wicking properties, wool is also naturally breathable, which means that air can circulate freely through the fibers. This helps to regulate body temperature and prevent overheating.

I hope this brought some insight to your new lives as moms. Even if you aren't breastfeeding you can always help another mom who is with this helpful advice! 

Auf wiedersehen! 

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